Anxiety - Tackle It Naturally.

ANXIETY. So many of us know the feeling all too well, yet its surprising how many of us do absolutely nothing about it. It’s true that Mental Health awareness is on the rise but a huge proportion of people still find the subject taboo - whether that’s admitting to yourself that there’s a problem, or accepting other people’s struggles.

How many of you have perfected that 'Im on top of the world' fake smile? Ever woken in the morning with palpitations so bad you swear if you looked down you could actually see your heart beat through your chest? Or felt like you have the worlds largest sumo wrestler casually sitting on your ribcage all day restricting that one deep breathe you need? Or what if you're stomach is that knotted you cant even force yourself down that dairy free, caffeine free, fun free, matcha, organic latte you religiously buy yourself every lunchtime in an attempt to 'be a better you' - (surely the cost alone is giving you anxiety?!). Don't get us wrong, we know as well as the next person that Anxiety isn’t dealt with overnight but every day has its dawn, so here’s a few tips to get you that little bit closer to waking up anxiety free-

  • Mindfulness – Our hectic modern lifestyles are dictated by time, technology and that constant fight for perfection which means that we literally never just sit back and switch off, even for just 5 minutes a day. The constant beep of an email or text, the endless scrolling of Instagram (yes, we’re just as bad!) and Netflix on tap – we might think when we sit down at the end of a long day we’re 'switching off' and in the here and now, but we’ve never been so far off. Mindfulness is an increasingly popular technique and now recommended highly by the NHS before any kind of prescription drugs. So take just 5 minutes of your day and come back to the present moment – you’ll be surprised by how much more focused and able to deal with daily tasks you are.

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  • Exercise – There’s A LOT to be said for a good workout to improve your all round health and wellbeing and countless studies have proven its beneficial effects on anxiety and depression too. 3 of the best exercises known to significantly alleviate anxiety and depression are running, walking outdoors and yoga. Running causes lasting changes in our 'feel good' neurotransmitters serotonin and norepinephrine, both during and after exercise. Whats more, the repetitive motions of running appear to have a meditative effect on the brain. Whereas the focus on breathing during yoga focus’s and calm’s the mind and a good old brisk walk outdoors allows the calming effects of nature to clear the head! And thats 3 perfect excuse's for a new gym outfit right there too…BONUS.


  • Diet – Everyone deserves the occasional sweet indulgance from time to time - especially when it comes courtesy of everybody's favourite ice cream duo and it can be unrealistic to suggest that cutting out sugar altogether is easily doable; but research suggests that eating sugary and processed foods can actually INCREASE anxiety. So instead of using the ‘anxiety made me do it’ excuse, step away from the Crispy Creme and eat yourself happy with more foods containing B vitamins and Omega-3’s. Vitamin B is linked with good mental health, and omega-3s may help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety while whole-grain carbs can also help to regulate those all-important levels of serotonin.


  •  Nerve Root Complex and Rhodiola Complex - Our Nerve Root Complex has been specifically designed to to include the best herbal remedies associated with anxiety, improving the body's ability to stabilise it's hormone response to stress and allowing your body to return to its optimum functioning level, providing calming relief to your body and mind. Taken along with our Rhodiola Complex which has been proven to have a significant effect on cardiac health, the immune system, physical and mental performance, male and female sexual health (thank us later..) and specifically, depression. 


         And remember, whatever happens - you're still fabulous.  TFCH x