• Turmeric or Turmeric Plus. Which Is Right For Me?

    Turmeric is a spice widely used throughout Asia and a main ingredient in curries. Due to its yellow colour it is sometimes referred to as Indian saffron. Its extensive use in traditional medicine has raised significant interest in its health benefits. Curcumin is the key active ingredient in turm... View Post
  • Can Ladies Mantle Help With The Menopause?

    Menopause is the time that marks the end of your menstrual cycles. It's diagnosed after you've gone 12 months without a menstrual period. Menopause can happen in your 40s or 50s, but the average age is 51 in the United Kingdom. View Post
  • Why Take Electrolyte Complex®?

    Electrolyte Complex® can replenish the electrolytes and promote hydration. It helps regulate fluid balance, nerve signals, and muscle contractions. It helps in stabilizing blood pressure and controlling skeletal muscle contraction. View Post