• Rheumatism Root Complex™
  • Rheumatism Root Complex™

Rheumatism Root Complex™

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Helping Arthritis & Keeping Joints Moving!

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    Rheumatism Root Complex™️ is an expertly designed blend of devil's claw, dandelion and celery seed.

    These ingredients have been traditionally used to help:

    Keep joints supple and well lubricated

    ✅Reduce inflammation associated with arthritis and other joint disorders

    ✅Decrease acid build-up in joints

    ✅Increase mobility 


    How do I take it?

    Take 2 - 4 capsules daily, the first dose in the morning and the second at lunch time.

    How does it work?

    Devils claw has been proven to be as - if not more - effective as an anti-inflammatory then over the counter medication. It is this property that makes it an effective treatment for arthritic stiff joints and gout. The celery seed is anti-rheumatic, and the inclusion of dandelion is to ensure the acid build up in the joints that the formula is clearing, is successfully removed from the body.

    It says take 2-4 capsules daily, what should I start with?

    This depends on the level of stiffness and pain you are experiencing. If you are struggling, then do an intensive 2 week course with 4 capsules a day. After this bring it down to 2 a day. If the pain is minimal, 2 capsules a day will be enough to see the benefits of this formula.

    Can I take it alongside any medication?

    Yes, there are no contraindications with any medication.

    Devils Claw – 150mg

    Dandelion – 150mg

    Celery Seed – 150mg

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